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Former AOL Sailor Moon Role Players
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This is where all the former BSSM role players of AOL can come to relive the past, form new role play groups, or just discuss BSSM.


1. No cross overs from other animes. This is strictly BSSM related.

2. Role play by consent. If someone doesn't want to role play with you, don't be discouraged and start trash talk.

3. This is a combination of general BSSM talk/reference, role play, and for our former AOL BSSMers, reliving the past.

4. Be kind. Don't spam or fight. If you are caught, you will be removed. No questions asked.

5. We like to keep the RP mature. What you role play is up to you.. be it yuri or yaoi or anything like that. Children are not advised to join this community.

6. You must have AT LEAST SOME Sailor Moon knowledge. If none, turn back now.

7. Have fun and enjoy BSSM once again.

*note* To role play with someone, check posts asking for RP.

This community was founded and is maintained by: coloure and zanarkand

Newest maintainer: kino_makoto!

Researcher: shirubaamuun!