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Dec. 13th, 2009 | 04:00 am
posted by: dustyrocksolid in bssm_returns

Yeah, uh... Ok, well. I used to roll around AOL RP chats from like...98 to 2002. Somewhere right in that range. Kinda funny, cuz I hear all you people hating on the DBZ kids who used to give you guys hell... cuz, I was one of those guys. Hah. For a while at least. Then I started hanging out in the Sailor Moon rooms all the time, and got to know some of you. I clearly remember some of you, and some of you are only like...vague memories, that I can't quite grasp. Umm.. that Adrean girl... who went by Vera? Yeah, I remember you for sure. I remember Nessa, umm.. Lindz? Does Anyone remember Brooke? Some of her SNs were BrookieMun, Snowbabii, NovemberBaby XZ...uhh..and alot more.
My name is Dustin and some of my SNs were SGTzGogeta, Just Faded, Eternal Buzz, Kloud Strife, illicit words, AmerikaZ HeRo, AmerikaZ Zero...umm... damn...sooo many more, but i can't think at the moment. I used to chill in Crystal Tokyo Cage, Crystal Tokyo Ball, Sailor Moon RPG(i think was the name?) And of course, as any self respecting DBZ guy.. Gokus Hero Bar.

Anyway, i don't use livejournal. Hit me up on myspace. www.myspace.com/emovember
or AIM. my SN is dustyrocksolid.

anyone is welcome to come say hi.

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From: cosmetic
Date: Dec. 14th, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)

haha, I remember just faded I think, and def illicit words. I used Burifusu Bura, and IVIajin Bura/Bra because of some clique. Oh, and some obnoxious ChibiUsa/Rini SN..

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