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Feb. 7th, 2009 | 05:10 pm
posted by: a_q_h in bssm_returns

I myself never role played at the AOL Sailor Moon chats, but I did role play at the old sailormercury.com (Amy's Lounge) and sailormars.com (Cherry Hill) we had a lot of RPers there before they got closed and Im hoping some of you here may have gone there as well. I ask because I, and a few other old members, re opened both Cherry Hill and Amy's Lounge on 2 new forums. So if you're interested, E-mail or MSN me at angelqueenhotaru@hotmail.com  I had many characters at AL and CH, but my main was always ~Angel*Queen*Hotaru~

also, I recently met someone who DID Role Play at the AOL Sailor Moon chats. His character was like J.D. Masters aka Silent Knight, who was married to Rei and had children. He now role plays at Cherry Hill

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